Washington Park Lawn

The Denver Croquet Club, Golf Croquet & Pot Luck on Ice


Tuesday, February 3, 2014 at 6 PM at Evergreen Lakehouse, 29612 Upper Bear Creek Rd, Evergreen CO 80439


Golf Croquet and Fun, Come and experience the “you ain’t done this sport of croquet”. Only here and in Minnesota can you have this experience, Evergreen is closer. What to wear? BOOTS, no skates, & layers for appropriate winter weather. All Equipment provided, but if you have a favorite mallet, bring it.


For the faint of heart you can do a weather check at: http://www.evergreenlakecam.com/


RSVP & questions, Ron 720 937 2056, denvercroquet@yahoo.com


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2015 Chuck Steuben Open Championship


Wednesday, February 18 - Sunday, February 22


Benefiting the Croquet Foundation of America

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Denver Country Club for a Golf Croquet Tournament / Pot Luck


Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 6 PM


On Wednesday July 23rd the Denver Croquet Club will play host to the Denver Country Club for a Golf Croquet Tournament at 6 PM. This tournament is the Summer part of the Annual events, the Denver County Club will host in September.


Please RSVP to Ron (denvercroquet@yahoo.com) so we can even out numbers.


For those unable to play in last years event you missed a good, while damp, time. This tournament pairs a member from each club in fun matches.



Inaugural Invitational USCA-Sanctioned American Six Wicket Doubles & Singles Event


Rochester, NY, Fri-Sun, August 15-17, 2014


The Lawn CLub @ G & T Sportspark proudly invites you to attend our Inaugural Invitational USCA-Sanctioned American Six Wicket Doubles & Singles Event

Rochester, known as The Flower City and home to the Lilac Festival each May, is situated on Lake Ontario in beautiful Upstate NY. Other events occurring that weekend include the Rochester International Air Show and the Wegmans LPGA Tournament. Rochester is home to the George Eastman House & International Museum of Photography, The Strong Museum of Play, the Rochester Museum & Science Center, Genesee Country Museum, Erie Canal boat tours and a host of shopping experiences and outstanding dining venues.

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Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Birthday

April 21, 2014


Come celebrate with the Denver Croquet Club and the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club on the Lawn in Washington Park for the 9th Annual Celebration of the Queen’s Birthday and Her Majesty’s support of Croquet. As you know the Queen is the Patron to Croquet. Celebrate with Champagne and Birthday Cake and whatever you would like to bring to share. Semi formal for the Queen’s celebration and remember the Queen loves Hats.

Please RSVP denvercroquet@yahoo.com

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USCA Association Laws Nation Championship

April 7 - 12, 2014


Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA

Entries must be received by March 19, 2014

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Rocky Mountain International Open 2013


While our own Paul Billings did not win the tournament he was successful in creating a fun and exciting event for all. Players from coast to coast and south to north made for excellent play of the Sport of International Laws 6 wicket croquet. The weatherman even cooperated this year.


The Rocky Mountain International Open (RMIO) was won by David Maloof from Florida with Jim Butts from California taking second in a heart breaker. Jim had the game well in hand from the start until a full roll from five to six ended with the striker ball, spent ball and pivot all in perfect aliment blocking each other. Jim had to hit away leaving David a four inch roquet to take command of the game.


Big shout out to all the players and volunteers that made for a wonderful tournament.


1. David Maloof, FL

2. Jim Butts, CA

3. Leo Nikora,  CA & AK

4. Steve Mossberg,  WY

5. Paul Billings,  CO

6. Ron Hendry,  CA

7. Peter Bach,  OR



9 Wicket Croquet Tournament


Sunday 8th  September 2013  1:30 PM   

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The Lawn


A tremendous amount of work has been done on the lawn recently. A hat’s off to Steve Talkington and  all those doing the work and contributing in other ways. All the members I am sure salute you and thank you for making "The Lawn" a better place for Croquet and Lawn Bowling.


In making repairs certain areas of "The Lawn" had to have new sod laid in, expensive, to get repairs done yet this season. Let's all make a special effort to aid in the development of these areas. Don't use them unless absolutely necessary!


"The Lawn" has been relayed for Croquet. It is smaller but as was shown last Monday night plays well. Please use until the full lawn is open. The following will guide you setting up the court(s)


1. Start the string on the east side a little more than half way down Lop the string on the “Green Wheel”

2. Go straight west to the “Green Wheel”

3. Go to about the third marker on the South Boundary “Green Wheel”  

4. Now go straight North 48 feet to the Golf Tee (Be sure when you pick up to leave the tee for the next person)

5. Secure the string and go straight East to the next Golf Tee (Be sure when you pick up to leave the tee for the next person)

6. Secure the string and go straight North to the “Green Wheel”


You now have the boundary’s just pace off to locate wicket holes. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. And it will aid in getting the Lawn back in playing shape sooner.


Thanks to all for assisting in helping these areas quickly become once again part of the lawn.


The Committee



2nd Annual “BUFFALO FEST”

Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 4:00 PM


9 wicket Croquet tournament will be followed with Buffalo burgers to finish the day for the Denver Croquet Club and invited guests. Sunday 11th August 2013 4:00 PM The “Committee”, recognizing a fun event when it hears of one has boldly stolen the format for this event from the “The Big Lobster ” and would have even gone so far as to serve lobster. However, our member, Sam, who is knowledgeable in these matters, has predicated a small lobster harvest in Denver this year. So we have opted to serve “Buffalo” burgers instead. Registration is a Suggested Donation of $20.00 to the Denver Croquet Club a registered Colorado 501(c) (3) not for profit.

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Lake Toxaway Golf Croquet Tournament

September 19 - 21, 2013


Share an exciting weekend in Lake Toxaway as we celebrate the growth of Croquet in western North Carolina at one of the nation's finest Croquet facilities. Join the competition on Thursday through Saturday morning, then see some of Croquet's leading international competitors, including our own Rich Lamm, as they square off in the Saturday afternoon exhibition known as the Toxaway Mountain Challenge.

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