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The Denver Croquet Club (DCrC) plays with and provides instruction for ANYONE interested in Croquet. The club has new players starting almost every week and lessons for beginners are FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many resources on line to answer all questions relating to Croquet. Here are just a couple of responses to the ones we field frequently.

Is it necessary to own personal equipment to join the club?

One of the advantages of joining the club is access to all the necessary equipment for not only a game but a complete tournament. The storage unit is filled with up to date equipment, maintained and organized by club members.

Must members wear white clothes while playing?

The basic dress is simply light khaki or white shorts, or pants with a white button-down polo or dress shirt. Beyond that, accessories make the player. A matching hat is preferred. Subtle inclusion of color to match your playing ball is encouraged. Actually, we aren’t too picky about what people wear as long as they wear something.

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