How to Play Golf Croquet

Team 1 plays Blue and Black 

Team 2 plays Red and Yellow

Winner: first team to 7 points

    1. One hit per turn: blue, red, black, yellow, starting within one handle length of corner IV.
    2. Score hoops 1 – 6 clockwise, 7 – 12 counter-clockwise and 13 to finish.
    3. The first ball through a wicket scores that point: once a wicket is scored, all play to the next wicket from your current position.
    4.  A ball re-enters where it leaves the court.
    5. OFFSIDE: If a player’s ball is beyond halfway without hitting or being hit by an opponent ball, then your opponent can place your ball halfway up either sideline or leave it where it is.

* Diagrams originally from United States Croquet Association


court set up image
court setup schematic

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